Creating the Program

  • The Learning Process

    We executed more than 200 studies on hitting and development after playing & coaching for more than 27 years.

  • Testing the Results

    We traveled the country holding more than 1500 hitting camps & clinics in 39 states for hitters of all ages, sports and skill levels. We started doing virtual teaching about half way through.

  • Creating the Virtual Program

    We took 40 years of coaching, 200 + studies, 1500 events, 175+k hitters worth of information and created an easy to follow, step by step hitting development program for hitters of all ages and skill levels.

Created from working with 175,000+ athletes from Tee Ballers to Big Leaguers. We used Tech, Metrics, Movement-Science, Logic & General Athletic Principles. We studied many methods and reviewed mass data and then we funnel it ALL into a SIMPLE step by step approach.

We are “the messengers” learning from mass numbers and multiple angles and funnel the information in a simple step by step manner

Short About Us Video

Hitting is Simple, Just Not Easy!

Our teaching methodology is the result of enormous experience specifically in hitting development

A Definition of a ‘Good Athletic Position’ and How It Applies to Hitting Development

🔐 The body position that creates the highest combination of speed, power & control of the body during the swing process.

  • The program is heavily based on creating a hitter that is in optimal athletic position throughout the swing process

  • Elevated hitting production ‘byproducts’ of hitting athletically include efficient pitch tracking position, improved swing tempo, improved hitting angles, improved adjustability to off speed pitches and more.

  • The Athletic Hitting Program is based upon Science, Live World Experience, Factual Evidence and Logic. Unlocking the Natural Athletic Hitter Within the Athlete is the First Goal.

🔐 Train the 'Hitting Processor’ & the Swing

Working on ALL components of hitting development is key!

About our History

How & Why the Program Started and Flourished

Why Create the Athletic Hitting Program &

A Lunch at Subway

In Minden, Nevada an old buddy asked me what I wanted out of  my life’s work traveling the country for about 10 years studying the art and science of hitting and working with baseball and softball players from coast to coast and from Mexico to Canada.

“I want to raise the batting average in America 100 points“, I replied. “I really think it’s possible!”

”To be retired traveling the states fly fishing and pull into any baseball or softball complex and watch each and every hitter take a “pro-style” swing. That would result in more kids having success, enjoying the game more, playing longer and getting all the ancillary benefits of playing these games supplies.”

Behind the Athletic Hitting Program & UnlockYourSwing

Eat, Sleep, Drink & Travel Hitting

Billy Kehoe was born to coach as he has coached in both High School & College and multiple sports, Baseball, Softball & Football after a productive playing career that included being drafted by the Oakland A’s. 

While traveling and holding over 1500 camps, clinics and speaking engagements, living in Scottsdale, Arizona Billy also hits with a good number of players at all levels of baseball and softball. 

While coaching baseball at Scottsdale JC, Billy started working with professional and elite amateur players at the facility at the school. That led to about 200 studies on hitting, learning and human performance & development.

With a passion for fly Fishing and summers open for travel, he started fleeing the Arizona summer heat for the cooler areas of the country combining coaching and fly fishing until he became so busy, it turned into a full time "job". 

After nearly 20 years on the road, he added this remote hitting development program to help spread the word on "hitting truths".

“We need to get to MORE players.”

Pushing Buttons & Taking Hacks

Traveling the country when not at home in Scottsdale, Arizona, I’m always working with hitters of all ages and skill levels. But my group of coaches can only get to so many hitters(roughly 3000 annually).

We were pondering how to get more fact-based information to more hitters.

During a session with a college hitter, she said some magic words, “Coach, hitters like to push buttons (code for being on their phone) and take hacks(swings)! You should put your program online.” 

So the evolution into digital coaching evolved and it’s been fantastic! My dream is alive! 

We traveled across the U.S. for years to acquire the information

Kalispell, Montana